What´s >News< about?

… It´s about insights, about what I don´t post in social media, and about everything that happens around me.
The last picture..? probably yes, probably you can find it here.
You don´t find here artistic statements about any artwork.
>News< is a living draft.

Residency at GLO´ART in painting,
Proposal, acrylic on canvas, 190 x 140 cm. GLO´ART COLLECTION


Backstage, acrylic on canvas, 140 x 190 cm. GLO´ART COLLECTION



Success, oil on canvas, 30×30 cm

Land no Sun, oil on canvas, 30 x 30 cm

WERK.STOFF preis für Malarei, Heidelberg Kunstverein, Heidelberg/Germany



Fisherman 195x145 cm
Fisherman, acrylic on canvas, 195 x 145 cm

… a friend of mine (who is not connected to arts at all… ) said that I painted his country here. Can I use Spanish? he said: << Ese es mi país: un matadero de ángeles >>
I am still thinking about it.

boomerang 125x140cm
Boomerang, acrylic on canvas, 125 x 140 cm

I think I am just able to speak about this work if we do it in person.
Maybe I am exaggerating… but it was a long process. 11 months in Cuba, then I finished being back home.

Possible, oil on canvas, 90 x 80 cm

Every day I speak about what´s possible and how.
… but the sensation of having “someone” supporting me is more than recurrent.
Being alive is a mystery.

Museum 80x100cm
Museum, acrylic on canvas, 80 x 100 cm

… Still smells like Prague 2017