Monsters of my Machinery

The project “Monsters of my machinery” is a series of paintings that combines fine arts with theatre, and it was inspired by the work of the German playwright Heiner Müller. Just as he wrote texts for the theater, which are not considered plays in a traditional way, I paint images for the theater, which are not part of any specific play, but they are related with plays that I imagine, but do not exist in reality.

I think that these images can create theatre texts, but at the moment they are creating more images that are pieces of me. I propose a series of paintings that could challenge the schedule of work of any theatre or movie director, as normally they start with a text and not with an image, which is what I propose. Actually, even if my work seems to be a tribute to Müller, it is a tribute to my generation and others before that are heirs of a cult to visuality, and recognize the visuality itself as a beginning and end of the postmodern era.

This project is as well a provocation to all those that, like myself, conceive art as an integrationist experience of expressive resources and poetics, and not as a specialization that become fragmentation. I never believed the surrealists, not even Magritte, which is my favorite. I always hated to hide things in dreams, because I thought that it may exist a place in earth in which my deeper ideas can have its place, where they could grow. That place exists, and it’s theater.